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Regions and Towns

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Different morphs and pokemon are adapted to different regions. Each region has two cities and three towns. Here we have a list and decription of each town, city, and region for your convienence.

Forest Region - a region suited for grass, bug, poison, normal, electric, dark, ground, ghost, and psycic pokemon. Although the accasional water and fighting pokemon have been sighted fire, rock, flying, dragon, and ice are quite rare to see in these parts. This region consists of trees and berry bushes. The towns and cities are in large clearings one of which has a small pond.
Volcano Region  - a region suited for fire, steel, rock, fighting, ground, and normal. A large inactive volcano sits in the middle of this region where ashes are commonly found in the vally below. The fire pokemon have made home more towards the top while the others settle in the ash filled valley.
Plains Region - This region is home to many types of pokemon including electric, grass, flying, dark, psycic, normal, fighting, ground, and poison. This region has the occasional tree here and there bus is mostly flat grassland.
Ocean Region - This underwater region has two parts. Freshwater and saltwater. The only pokemon here are water and the occasional bird. From here you can go to EverGrande city.
Mountain Region - This region is mainly home to flying and ice pokemon and holds the amazing legendary cave. The mountains hold several trees and lots of snow. Fire pokemon can also be seen here.
Desert Region - This region is home to ground pokemon who can survive the harsh sandstorms and fire pokemon with the extreme heat. Sandstorms happen regularly and rain dosn't fall for months at a time. Pokemon like Cacturine also live here.

Towns and Cities:
Evergreen City - This city is in the forest region. around it is evergreen tree thus Kiki's family dubbed it Evergreen City. So far it is the only city with a mall, and gym. The gym is approved by the pokemon league and part of the Pokemorph League. It also has a pokemon center run by a Nurse Joy, a police office run by an Officer Jenny, and many empty houses and buildings. This is also the city where Kiki and her family first came.
Maple Town - It's pretty much just like Evergreen City but with a fountain and no gym and instead of a mall there is a pokemart run by a Mr. Mime.
Granntsmith apple ville - Currently this town is inhabited by Kiki and her pokemon. It has a small shop that sells pokemon dolls manned by a squirtle.
Miricle Vally - This large clearing was found by Kiki's father. Kiki's family were starving and found berry upon berry here and thus named it Miricle Vally.
Dark Vally - This Vally is home to the ghost pokemon. Pokemon and pokemorphs who die become ghost pokemon and live here or in one of the other ghost towns.
Sadly the other towns havn't been named or discovered by pokemorphs. So its up to people who join to help Pokemonopolis.

Its up to you! Help us discover more about Pokemonopolis!

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