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Here is where your Characters will be posted. Their pictures will be on the Picture page.

Kiki - Espeon Morph

My father was the leader of the pokemorph resistance. He was found many times and risked his life to save the group. The whip lashes from the Rockets left scars both phisical and mental. Strangly he secretly got married to an Espeon pokemorph. My father is one of the last remaining first generation Umbreon Pokemorphs. His best friend and partner in the resistance was a first generation absol pokemorph. However, just before the bombing of July 4 his wife had the idea of moveing to a safer island so I could be safe away from the wars. The absol morph had been gravely injoured at the time. My father had no choice but to come along. He left the absol morph in the hands of the Resistances greatest healer Najo a blissy morph. Before my father left though the absol-morph gave him a note. He took it and ran off. They went to an island just across from Evergrande City which they dubbed Pokemonopolis, only to live alone.

My mother was a first-generation Espeon-Morph. She worked for the resistances soup kitchen feeding the weak and beaten pokemorphs. She married my father and had me. Then when I was about the same age as Zona we left. My mother sensed something and we left.

I grew up on pokemonopolis. We lived in one of five clearings in the forest region. We called it Evergreen City. We, being the only ones on the island, were rich. I grew up with fine silks, and mareep wool. But it didn't go to my head. I loved pokemon and trained as hard as any other trainer.

Zona - Absol Morph

My father was second in comand in the resistance. He was also a slave of Team Rocket. Which made him perfect for his job. His job was to see how many slaves of team rocket he could free before the war began. He only secceded in freeing one. A Vaporeon morph by the name of Aquana. The Soilders suspected him and the guard around him was increased. When the war was unevitable the slaves revolted at the same time, and the pokemorph war was started. My father was gravely wounded in his fight against the Magma leader Maxie. Maxie was allied with the Rockets at the time. My fathers best friend and the first in command turned his back on the war, and my father.

My mother the last of the first generation absol morphs, tried to protect me, an innocent 6 year old and as I watched was ripped apart by a pokeball. My rage was so great that I paralized and then killed the person who had used the pokeball on her. As I walked torwards the ocean I killed anyone with a Rocket uniform on. Every one except the slaves whom I ignored. As I reach the seashore I used psycic and aplied it to my feet then I walked across the water torwards Evergrande City. For 1 year I lived in the forest there never changing out of my pokemon form for fear someone would see me and take me back to the Rockets. But on March 10th I walked back to the Rocket headquarters and freed a large number of second generation pokemorphs. My good deed was done, and so I went out into the world in search of Maxie who, if not for him, I would still have a father.

So far she lives alone. Waiting....

Pokemon are not mine. I dont own them. I also dont own pokemorphs so please dont copy.