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Below is a pre-made application for you and an Example application. Please fill out the application via e-mail and send it to

* - Required
Real Name - Kimmi Sunbunohano
*e-mail - ppg10_2000
real age -
*Characters name - Kiki Komodo
*Character Species (morph pokemon human) - Espeon Morph
*Characters pokemon (if any) - Jiijii [Jirachi] Kat [Skitty] Peeky [Pikachu] Disaster [Absol] Jetstream [Azuril] and Fireball [Torchic]
Characters clothes - Purple Kimono made of spinerak silk, blue courderoy knapsack, nacklace with single golden pokeball [holds Jirachi]
*Region - Forest
*Town - Granny Smith Appleburg
*Description - (Include background info how they got to the island ect.)

Premade Form
* - Required
*Real Name - 
*e-mail -
real age -
*Characters name -
*Character Species (morph pokemon human)
*Characters pokemon (if any) -
Characters clothes -
*Region -
*Town -
*Description -

Dont worry we wont put your real info online. That is for our eyes only.

Pokemon are not mine. I dont own them. I also dont own pokemorphs so please dont copy.